Why don’t Apple put fingerprint identification on Logo?

IPhone X, a lot of mobile phone broke the previous practice, took the lead in the “bang” full screen, add Face ID unlock, cancelled with apple mobile phone from iPhone 5S to 8 iPhone fingerprint recognition, many people will feel very uncomfortable, ask why Apple will not be placed behind the fingerprint recognition Logo?

Fingerprint identification, this function from it was born in iPhone 5S, the highly popular, whether it is a way to unlock it “western style”, or a convenient payment function and so on, are caused by the other mobile phone in a public popular trend, and even have developed other new features, such as pictures, phone etc..

So, now suddenly canceled, will let the fruit powder feel uncomfortable, why Apple can not put it behind the position? For example, the nut Pro2 is the combination of unlocking the fingerprint position with Logo.

First of all, according to foreign media news, Apple executives recently clearly said: Apple has never considered the realization of Touch ID in the side, the back cover and the screen, will focus on the future development of Face ID; secondly, Apple’s Logo is one of the reasons why many people love apple mobile phone, Apple will not take risks to break this routine; furthermore, the fingerprint to unlock the place behind, will greatly restrict its use, such as mobile phone on the table, it is not used for fingerprint identification.

To sum up, Apple might as well cancel fingerprint identification directly and choose Face ID instead of its function. Do you think Apple will win more people if they put the fingerprint identification on the Logo behind it?

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