Survey: do you want to discard fingerprint identification?

I have to say that the development of mobile phones in recent years is really fast, so that people can not keep up with the tide. Mobile phones that feel like fingerprint identification are just like what we saw yesterday, but now we’re talking about whether we need to design fingerprint identification

Speaking of fingerprint recognition, it will have to thank apple, not mistaken, it is time for 13 years iPhone 5S with fingerprint recognition to meet everyone (correctly, please point out, small immediate correction). This year, however, the advent of iPhone X, Face ID seems to be the perfect replacement for fingerprint identification.

Fingerprint identification in recent years, has been very topic, such as the front fingerprint is good or post fingerprint good?. This is a simple problem, has made manufacturers headache. Everyone has his own reasons, it’s really hard to choose.

This year the world’s first VIVO optical fingerprint function, but also did not meet with you, the instant is also used in X20, is not mature technology, is really not practical? It’s also time, and it’s a good idea to see the models that really carry the technology.

Millet MIX2 also uses the upper part of the identification, does it mean that fingerprint identification really away from us?


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