Super mini 1080Ti card release: still water cooling

In June this year, Zotac released the world’s most mini GTX 1080 Ti, the g-sky level products to achieve a mere 211 x 125 x 41 mm, 21% feet shorter than the male version, compatible with the chassis 99% of the market.

Today, Zotac officially released the water-cooled version of “GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini”, becoming the smallest figure in history of water cooling 1080 Ti, once again amazed the whole industry.
It is actually the radiator previously removed, replaced with full coverage of water (AC?), the length is still 211 mm, the specifications are completely invariant: 3584 stream processors, 1506-1620MHz 352-bit 11GHz 11GB core frequency, GDDR5X memory, DVI, HDMI, 2.0B 3 DisplayPort 1.4 x eight pin dual output interface, power supply.

The water head covers the entire PCB completely, the copper bottom directly contacts the GPU core, and has 0.3 millimeter micro channels, the interface is the standard G1/4, believed can bring the bigger overclocking space.
The overall body is still double slot, but I believe that 99% of the chassis is still no problem.
Price is not disclosed, considering the air-cooled version sold 5899 yuan, water-cooled version of 6K+ is very relaxed.

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