Samsung S7edge, Samsung this flagship is now the time to start

For today’s mobile phones, when the new mobile phone is released, the old flagship will always reduce prices, but the price range will not be very large. But this Samsung S7 mobile phone since Samsung S8 came out, the price fell down again, it can be said that it is very cost-effective. But after Samsung note8 came out last month, Samsung S7 prices continue to decline recently, and now even reduced the 2K more, such prices do not know if you will not heartbeat?

Samsung mobile phone has a very high performance, beautiful appearance and accepted by people now, and in recent years the Samsung flagship mobile phone mostly adopts the design of curved screen, looks very beautiful, with really is a good choice. However, Samsung flagship mobile phone prices have been very high, the choice of Samsung mobile phone is not a lot of people, so they often choose a cheap domestic flagship mobile phone.

But with the S8 and Samsung have released the Samsung note8, Samsung’s previous generation flagship S7edge is the emergence of the current price drop greatly. Period of 32GB’s national version of Samsung S7edge as long as 3598 yuan can buy, although still more than 3K, but compared to the initial release of 5688 yuan price, has dropped by more than 2K. For people like Samsung mobile phones, this phone is really a cost-effective flagship mobile phone.

In appearance, the Samsung S7edge uses 5.5 inches 2K resolution screen, dual surface design, although not full screen design, but put in now is very popular with a mobile phone, now is not obsolete. At the same time, the performance is also quite good, equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, with 4GB storage, running is still very smooth, the experience is very good.

In fact, the Samsung S7 down to 3K price, I think for the domestic mobile phone flagship impact intensity is still not small, after all, the Samsung S7 edge design is too good at the same time, the camera also has a very good performance. In addition to Samsung S7, recently Samsung S8 successfully attracted everyone’s attention. In particular, Samsung S8 comprehensive screen design, engage in machine brother can be no exaggeration to say, it is the best on the market at present a comprehensive screen mobile phone. For such a strong value of the phone, you will choose it?

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