Samsung mobile integration Linux: support desktop mode

Samsung began to promote DeX from Galaxy S8, the upcoming mobile phone as a computing platform, relying on the dock, the content is output to the PC display, while manufacturers window, desktop optimization, and support the operation of the mouse button.
And this week released HUAWEI Mate 10 is more radical, just USB-C turn HDMI line can realize the screen operation, more can cooperate with Bluetooth mouse, keyboard external connection equipment, realize PC office.
Samsung quietly upgraded the PC model.
According to Samsung mobile official said, Linux on Galaxy is designed in the form of APP, running on the mobile terminal. It can integrate the original Linux and the mainstream distribution, and the users can do Linux based code compilation on the mobile phone.
At the same time, Linux on Galaxy for DeX Station optimization, adaptation, can be connected to the PC display operation.
Unfortunately, the current Linux on Galaxy is still in development.

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