Processor contention: the gap between Xiaolong and apple

In the apple A11 processor before the release, Xiaolong 835 processor ladder mobile phone has been ranked the top of the table, but A11 was born, and 835 behind apple, and Xiaolong race each other has become the norm.

The main supplier of Android snapdragon processor Apple camp, only in their own Apple products, these merits are wise eyes of the beholder, love the people may choose to toss the mobile phone Android, love safe and easy to use will choose apple, then Apple processor snapdragon processor itself and what is the difference?

Take the current flagship Xiaolong 835 and A11, ARM is the same architecture, there is a world of difference: single core run, apple A11 at around 4000, 835 in 2000; multi core run, at around 10000, and 835 in 6600 minutes, flourishing. (A11 used the six core, Xiaolong multithreading advantage disappeared)

Why does Xiaolong perform worse than apple? This stems from apple to Apple’s own R & D investment processor, announced its own processor R & D cost is two times the other processor; also thanks to Apple’s apple earlier started developing a look far ahead from a high plane, a 64 bit processor, leading Qualcomm two body, more mature technology.

In addition, because it is a homegrown, Apple software and hardware depth fit, hardware performance can not play to the extreme, Xiaolong is not good enough, but apple is too strong. Xiaolong 845 will soon be available, compared to 835 performance will increase, and whether it can beat the powerful A11, we wait and see.

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