NOKIA 7 starts: Zeiss lens, PFP, high quality

Earlier this year, NOKIA – the brand that condenses memories of smartphones, returned to the market and released its first product, NOKIA 6.

To be honest, the NOKIA 6 is a very unique and excellent products: it lasted all the memory of the solid body and rigorous workmanship, simple design Nordic wind, there is a good camera quality.
But at the same time, NOKIA 6 did not blindly follow the trend of the industry’s “spell allocation, fight run points” trend. But with a high level of system optimization with moderate hardware, to ensure that the smooth flow of consumer experience and the daily price of the mobile phone itself, and diligent system updates to continuously provide new functions for mobile phones. This is very rare in the entire mobile phone industry, it is also a mobile phone brand is really concerned about the embodiment of consumers

Perhaps relying on this “pragmatic, reliable” style of work, the new NOKIA in the Chinese market has achieved even their own great surprise “good start””. NOKIA’s 6 sales in China are staggering, and consumer satisfaction is as high as 97%.

Of course, NOKIA 6 released so far has been 9 months, during this period, NOKIA has released 9 other intelligent and non smart phones worldwide. And today, they will bring eleventh models, but also the first second smart phones in China: NOKIA 7.

First of all, according to NOKIA, the NOKIA 7 is the brand’s first “design oriented” products, this design not only refers to the appearance, but also to grasp the needs of the user, not the blind pursuit of configuration, instead of thinking about how to provide the best experience.

First of all, NOKIA 7 uses the most advanced appearance material: double glass + metal box modeling, including four curved Corelle gorilla 3D glass rear shell and 2.5D front glass panel. Among them, especially the ultra-thin four curved glass rear shell, each piece needs to go through dozens of processes of fine processing, in the similar products is rare.

The NOKIA 7 launched a new color “moist white”, which is inspired by the snow covered earth in northern europe. And in order to make a special smooth feel on the glass surface, the process is more than a dozen more than black, nearly 36 hours of processing time. It is worth mentioning that, NOKIA 7 front and rear glass has anti oil antifouling technology, which can be said to make some higher priced mobile phones pales..

Of course, I believe you are most concerned about the camera: Yes, NOKIA 7 Welcome back to the familiar ZEISS (Cai Si) lens, and this also means that it is on the camera level of the great leap forward. The NOKIA 7 in the camera function, a feature is the “double vision shooting mode”: it uses the camera before and after the synchronization shooting, you can record more interesting moments of information. And with the high quality surround audio recording technology from NOKIA ozo 3D camera, also let NOKIA 7 camera quality has “color” more “sound””.

In the basic hardware specifications, NOKIA 7 is not behind: Xiaolong 630 master control, 4GB/6GB memory, the whole system comes with 64GB storage. In addition, there are fingerprint double payment, Bluetooth 5, USB type-C, 18W fast charge and 3.5mm headset interface.

In addition, users who use NOKIA 6 will understand that NOKIA is never stingy with updating and adding new functions. NOKIA listed 7 is equipped with Android 7.1 system, and according to Chinese user feedback using feelings and needs add a large number of personalized new features, including the card type intelligent assistant, a new game for the underlying optimization drive. At the press conference, NOKIA even said: Android 8 adaptation is now progressing rapidly, NOKIA 7 will soon eat “Oreo””.

At the press conference, NOKIA described himself: “NOKIA and other mobile phone brands on the market are not the same, it does not rely on a large corporations or advertising companies to create a brand, but by many people, by NOKIA and NOKIA consumers, after 152 years created the true history.”

This may explain the basic design idea of NOKIA 7 and NOKIA expectations: NOKIA is not a luxury, it should be a brand belongs to everyone, it is not because of a few people love love luxury, but rather from everyone can afford to buy high-quality products. And that everyone can enjoy the product with a hundred years of cultural heritage as well as the latest achievements in science and technology, its quality, design, reliability and humanization of the basic idea, the price is higher than other competitors will do better.

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