Cell phone canceled headphone hole, the reason is so simple violence

Cancellation of removable batteries in the year, attracted a lot of controversy, until the rapid development of mobile phone technology, only gradually accepted by users. This year, however, there is a strange wind that more and more mobile phones have canceled headphone holes.

Iphone7 is not the first vendor to cancel the headphone hole, but after apple, more and more brands have removed the headphone jack.

So why would the headset be canceled? What is the starting point for the manufacturer to cancel the headphone hole? It is said to be thinner and more waterproof for mobile phones. In fact, the headphone iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S are all 7.1mm thick, and they don’t get thinner. Not to mention the same 6.58 mm thick OPPO R9s still has headphone hole.

In order to waterproof, iPhone 7 waterproof level is IP67, with headset hole Samsung S8 waterproof level reached IP68, seems to be better waterproof.
The most important thing is to cancel the headphone port, which is the profit. The cancellation of the headphone hole can reduce the part of the manufacturing cost and save the money of some components. Manufacturers can also sell Bluetooth headsets to get more profit, you know, Bluetooth headset is generally more expensive than ordinary wired headphones.

Therefore, after canceling the headset hole, you need to buy another Bluetooth headset or headset hole adapter line, which is also unacceptable to many users. To tell you the truth, the headphone hole is not for waterproof, not to make thinner, but to sell accessories.

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