Android top with Xiaolong 835, why many mobile phones do not use?

This year’s Android mobile phone can use the most powerful mobile phone processor is Xiaolong 835, currently in use Xiaolong 835 domestic mobile phones have millet 6, one plus 5 and other good reputation of mobile phones. But not every flagship uses it. For example, this year, the main push VIVO X20 is Xiaolong 660, then why is this phenomenon?

First of all, Xiaolong 835 is the top processor of Qualcomm Corp, and its price is also high. The cost of mobile phone processor is the largest in the cost of mobile phone hardware. Therefore, this Xiaolong 835 in the main cost-effective domestic mobile phones will bring a lot of cost pressure on mobile phone manufacturers.

A lot of people will ask, why millet 6 on the line? Millet 6 is not really mobile phone millet mobile phone, the real amount of mobile phone is red rice mobile phone. So, Xiaolong 835 is inconsistent with the overall positioning of many mobile phones.

Secondly, the current mobile phones are paying attention to the sense of experience, performance can be said is now not so necessary. Of course, performance is definitely one of the foundations of mobile phone interactive system experience. Some of the main mobile phone configuration, some mobile phone flagship camera, as well as the Meizu pro7 dual processor, but with MediaTek’s flagship, we can only say that the location is not the same.

Finally, there is no bad mobile phone in the flourishing mobile phone market, only positioning different mobile phones. The salient points of each function of the mobile phone correspond to the points that consumers of different populations need. Buying a mobile phone is like looking for an object, without the most powerful, only the most suitable for their own.

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