SONY releases 4K home projector VPL-VW768

VPL-VW768 and SONY internal equipped with the same 4K SXRD cinema projector chip, cable like pure powder film effect, can enjoy the simulation of traditional 24 frame of the movie retro sense; and specifically for electronic games like cable powder to create a low latency mode can be realized, and the screen controller rapid response, dynamic game has a smooth experience.

VPL-VW768 compatible with HDR10 and HLG (hybrid Log gamma) format, can faithfully restore color and contrast.
As a flagship product, VPL-VW768 supports 4096 x 2160 resolution, 300 inch projection screen, equipped with an electronic camera, zoom, focus and displacement operation, and through the image position memory function, the user can save the lens position, with low noise, fan noise is VPL-VW768 under normal circumstances only 24dB.
VPL-VW768 laser light source can provide up to 20000 hours of service life. Prices are not yet clear, but certainly not cheap.


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