Return to the peak, millet expected shipments will exceed 90 million

Last year, after last year’s global shipments fell by the first five lows, millet finally returned to its peak again this year. In the second quarter hit 23 million sets of shipments record, in September after a single month shipments broke ten million, millet up and down this year’s sales are full of confidence.

Last week, Lei Jun said at the millet supplier conference, for sales vision, at the beginning of the year is expected to be 70 million units, and now expected shipments 9000+ million. Millet now put the bigger goal is not millet supply chain experience beyond all expectations, over half of the adjustment, supply situation has improved significantly, the best selling millet this year 6 is now available for sale, the new flagship MIX 2 production has steadily improved.
In the fourth quarter of this year, the supply of mobile phone memory pressure will be very large, millet send this high shipping vision is also to communicate with global suppliers, solve the problem of product supply. 9000+ million units of such a high volume, millet in front of the big suppliers emboldened even more, the corresponding right to speak is also higher.

In addition to the just released after yesterday’s red rice 5A, unsurprisingly, before the end of the year there is a full screen design of the red rice 5 Plus coming soon, there are 2 such artifacts cost escort, shipments exceeded 90 million units of Lei Jun is also a small target.

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