Performance rose to support a comprehensive screen, Qualcomm released Xiaolong 636

Today, Qualcomm has demonstrated a variety of technologies and products that are ready for future devices at the 4G/5G communications summit in Hongkong. The last year has been released 5G baseband Qualcomm Xiaolong X50, in today it was the first successful test, ran out of the 1.25Gbps bandwidth, according to Qualcomm’s argument, the actual 2019 listing, is expected to reach X50 baseband downlink bandwidth performance 5Gbps.

As the 630 Xiaolong Xiaolong 636 successors, the biggest highlight is the CPU architecture from the public version of the A53 upgrade to Qualcomm independently improved Kryo260, which is the same architecture and Xiaolong 660. Although we don’t know how much the frequency changes compared to 636 and 660, according to Qualcomm, 636 of the CPU is 40% better than 630.
In addition, Xiaolong 636 GPU are also part of ascension: model upgrade from Adreno508 to Adreno509, the performance is improved by 10% (about optimizing energy efficiency ratio and frequency), although there is no CPU increase so much, but also from another side that Qualcomm’s own Adreno GPU architecture has been good enough.

As for the ISP (image processor), audio subsystem, Xiaolong 636 compared to 630 is not what changes, is still up to 24 million pixel camera 14bit dual image sensor model and Xiaolong 660 are the same as the Spectra160, of course, double perturbation and lossless zoom are a concept inherited. The Qualcomm Aqstic audio system that supports HD 192bit/24KHz audio playback doesn’t change any more, and the dynamic range of 130dB has not lost to some professional DAC.
However, even so, or to the Qualcomm snapdragon 636 added a very “fashionable” function, that is native to 18:9 full screen support, but also for the improvement of TruPalette technology, EcoPix color pixel power-saving technology etc.. Believe that next year after the actual listing, and will drive a wave of “1000 yuan comprehensive screen” popular tide bar!

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