Live up to expectations, the cheapest Audi struck

As we all know, the domestic SUV car market has been in the fiery development, and small SUV, by virtue of their own advantages, by many young consumers of all ages, see the opportunity of the Audi, so release their entry-level SUV models – Audi Q2, Or sold 150,000.

Appearance, the Audi Q2 uses a family-style design style, front face hexagonal air intake grille, with T-type day line lamp design, it is very stylish and exquisite.

Sideways, the body lines smooth and simple, straight waist added a bit tough feeling, the body length and width were: 4190 * 1790 * 1510mm, wheelbase 2600mm, positioned as a small SUV.

Audi (Audi) as an international luxury car brand, its exquisite workmanship, high-end quality is recognized by many people, this Audi Q2 if it is really sold from 150,000, I believe its sales will not be low.

Interior, the continuation of the family design style, the control layout clear function of the button layout is reasonable, floating LCD screen, and three flat multi-function steering wheel, together to create a dynamic fashion visual effects.

Power, the Audi Q2 in the Chinese market is likely to be equipped with three turbocharged gasoline engine, displacement of 1.0T, 1.4T, and 2.0T, with the match is 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual clutch speed box.

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