609 horsepower! Volvo high performance vehicle Polestar 1 release

Today, Volvo officially released its high performance sub brand Polestar, and also started the first prototype car Polestar 1 of Polestar brand, which is a mixed sedan run.
Although the prototype car, but officially known as the new car has been close to mass production status, representing the future design direction of Polestar products.
Shape, hexagonal grille and the Thor’s headlights on both sides are inherited from Volvo, the overall sense of identification is very strong.
In detail, the wheel design of Polestar 1 is relatively new, and the Polestar is added to the calipers. At the same time, the new car is equipped with a pair of six piston brake calipers.
There is no feature in the interior, basically Volvo family style, but the steering wheel in the middle of the Polestar exclusive LOGO.
The new car is located in a large GT sports car, so the internal use of 2+2 seat layout. In addition, the new car body also uses carbon fiber material in the body structure, thereby offsetting the battery increased 230 kg weight.
Powertrain part, this car will carry a set of plug-in hybrid system based on Volvo T8 system upgrade, each rear wheel has a motor, each motor has planetary gear set to achieve torque distribution. The maximum power of the power system is 609 horsepower (British horsepower 600HP), the comprehensive peak torque is 1000 cattle, and the mileage in pure electric mode can reach 150km.
Future Polestar 1 and subsequent Polestar products will be put into operation at the exclusive plant in Chengdu, and sold to the global market, including china.

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